Westgate Elementary



    Phase I: Implement high-priority improvements

    • Security - Entrance vestibule
    • Safety - Safe area for students
    • Building envelope - Miscellaneous repairs
    Phase II: Construct new three-section elementary school​

    • Optimize site size and layout
    • Improve drop-off and pick-up safety
    • Improve convenience for ADA access
    • Relocate office/administration area
    • Right-size classrooms
    • Introduce project-based learning areas
    • Improve security
    • Provide special education spaces
    • Add separate gym and cafeteria
    • Add dedicated art and music/world language space
    • Provide storm shelters as required per building code​​


    Year Constructed: 1956
    Additions/Renovations: 1961, 1965, 1971, 1975 (Rebuilt following tornado), 1996, 1997
    Gross Building Area: 49,979 GSF
    Site Area: 19.4 Acres
    Number of Sections: 2
    Temporary Structures: 0 SF
    Phase I Project Value: $657,000


     Community Engagement
  • Conducted community club information session for scope of work on February 16, 2016.
  • Ronco and PA are currently reviewing subcontractor pricing in preparation for the final GMP.
  • CM is currently procuring sub-contractor and vendor.
  • Preplanning meetings for moves and site logistics are underway.
  • Construction work on track to start 5/25/16
  • Construction started on stage lift.
  • Stage lift installation to start.
  • New vestibule installation starting.
  • New lunch tables to start installation.
  • Exterior entrance repair complete.
  • Security installation in progress.
  • School and district staff preparing areas for renovation work to begin.
  • Permitting process complete.
  • Finalizing CMR GMP, complete by mid-May.
  • Submittal process underway.
  • Preconstruction meetings with CM and Principal mid-May.
  • Material and sumittal procurement in progress.
  • Foundations on stacked addition scheduled to start July 14, 2016.


    This project is just getting started. Please check back soon for photos.